05 January 2015

Other stuff : New Year's Revolutions

Ah, New Year's Resolutions. Or revolutions, as I prefer to call them. Every year I mentally and half-heartedly make a list then promptly ignore it. This year, I'm going to make it easier on myself, and aim a little lower. No getting fit (I'm about to have a baby), no detoxing (I'm having a baby) and no get-out-there-and-get-myself-a-super-duper-job (I thought I might just have a baby instead).

1 : Lose weight. 

I really will. Somewhere around February 10th, and I won't even have to give up chocolate. Yippee! Sadly around the same time I will also lose the sanity that comes with a more-or-less full night's sleep.

2 : Open BOTH the curtains in our bedroom at least twice a week. 

I don't fail to do this out of laziness, more because I am desperate to keep in some semblance of warmth from our heat-leaky house. But it's so nice when I can actually see the bedroom in real, proper, daylight, now that I'm beginning to remember what daylight is (jog on, winter).

See what I mean by aiming low?

3 :  Drink a pint of beer. Preferably in a pub. Preferably in peace and quiet.

I might actually struggle with this one. I remember being overjoyed at the idea of a pint of bitter after I had Cub, and then found that consuming that amount of liquid (nothing to do with the alcohol content) was quite a challenge. Never mind. I'm sure I'll rise to it. Practice makes perfect, eh?

4 : Watch Breaking Bad.

Had the DVDs for a couple of years. Have countless friends tell me how utterly amazing it is and how traumatised they were when it finished. Have a Netflix subscription I barely use to cover the series I don't have on DVD. Just. Need. To. WATCH IT.

5 : Get my boobs out in public. Again.

I plan to do this in a particularly ostentatious manner because frankly I can't think of anything more fun than flaunting myself in public and offending the sensibilities of those of a delicate disposition whilst trying to keep Baby Monkey alive (ie. by providing food). It's unlikely I'll make it to Claridges (though I might make a special effort) but, restaurants, cafes and park benches of North West London, get ready: they're coming back. I might peruse the first few pages of The Sun at the same time and then take a straw poll of which boobs people find more offensive.

Some more serious ones? Oh, okay then.

1 : Draw more.

I used to love drawing, but it's something I rarely do now. I read this article recently and it's made me think, again, that it's something really worth making some time for. 

2 : Remind myself of the little things that make me happy. 

The pregnancy hormones this time round have definitely been harder to handle- there have been, without going into detail, some looooooow days. I'm hoping those days will bog off once Baby Monkey arrives but equally I'm not daft enough to think life will be nice and easy straight away with two wee'uns. Sometimes I just need to remind myself of the things, large or small, that make me happy. And then make them happen. 

3 : Talk more. 

Being better at keeping touch with friends and family near and far is a perennial NY resolution, but the loneliness I sometimes feel as a stay at home mum (despite Cub providing increasingly entertaining conversation) makes this one more important than ever. Tempted though I am to retreat from the world when I'm feeling blue, I know that talking to people is the best medicine and reminds me to see the woods instead of just the trees. 

4 : Drink more water. 

So simple yet something I constantly forget to do. I end up making up for it in the two hours before bed which just results in getting up a few more times a night (and I don't need more reasons to do that) and a fuzzy head in the morning that's got nothing to do (sadly) with booze. 

5 : Be nicer to my husband.

He told me to write that, and since I can't think of a fifth, I'll let him have it (I have just made him a roasted veg lasagne, so don't think he's too hard done by).

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