Hello! I'm Sheena, and I live in London with my husband and cheeky toddler, who I'll call Cub- that's her over there- and I'm in my mid 30s. Oh, all right, mid-to-late 30s. I’ve wanted to start writing a blog for a long time, but always struggled to find a focus for it; first and foremost I am a mum, but I am also (when there’s- ah ha ha ha- time) a lover of music, books, design, travel and photography. I’ve decided just to write about all of those things, but to give me some structure I’m going to base my posts around one of my favourite things- lists. Not many of my lists are five items long, but we don't want to be here all day. So five it is. Bear with me whilst I find my blogging feet, and let me know how I'm doing. Be gentle, yeah?

Update: as of February 2015, the gorgeous Baby H has joined the family. We are still in London, just (having moved a little further to the north west), and, somehow, I am still in my 30s, which is frankly astounding as I was sure I'd aged ten years since February. No? It just feels that way then *yawn*.

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