18 October 2014

Food stuff : Eaty Treats

I've got a cold.

I've got a cold, I haven't slept properly for ages (okay maybe just a few days), and I've got a weird lump on my gum that has something to do with being pregnant but I'm not entirely sure what.

I am feeling a bit sorry for myself.

Cub has somehow sensed this and so to warm the cockles of my heart and make it all better has repeatedly declared today to be a 'NO mummy day!', refused any cuddles and had a small tantrum because I dared to try and manoeuvre her, the pushchair, her nursery bag and the shopping in the front door before I let her press the doorbell. How very dare I.

On the plus side, she was at nursery for most of today allowing me a cheeky nap and, even better, it's the start of a two-week half term so LOADS of daddy time (and maybe even a bit of mummy-off time...) And there's an M&S chicken gratin in the oven. Mmm.

So today it's five edible treats that make me feel better and slightly less sorry for myself (until I overindulge on them- see number one- and feel very sick).

1 : Galaxy chocolate
Mmmm. Mmmm. Nom nom. Oh, that's the whole 200g bar gone. *oops*

2 : Bacon sandwich
I have fresh white bloomer bread. I have bacon. Tomorrow is Bacon Sandwich Day. I only hope that the anticipation of it does not keep me awake tonight, nor that I wake up on a pillow soaked in saliva.

3 : Chinese dumplings 
Ach, I miss Old Thingy(have temporarily forgotten his name)'s teeny tiny dumpling shop in Beijing where we regularly impressed/disgusted ourselves by getting through about 50 dumplings between two. The restaurant down the road is no match, but an acceptable substitution. Lovely crispy fried veggie and pork jaozi dumplings dipped in vinegar. Had them last night. Tick.

4 : Carrot, Apple, Lime and Ginger juice from the deli down the high street
Wellllll, I had to include something vaguely healthy and aside from genuinely liking it I also feel smugly better having had a (much needed) vitamin injection. Didn't stave off the lurgy, mind.

5 : M&S peanut butter with pecans and maple
I've no idea if this is going to make me feel better but it sounds amazing and I have recently remembered that I actually like peanut butter (I usually have to smuggle it into the house as Husband is so disgusted by it). Maybe with a little layer of chocolate spread on the bread too. Maybe without the bread. Maybe just in spoonfuls straight from the tub. Alternating with chocolate spread. Excuse me a moment...

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